PAITAN Chicken Stock

Our PAITAN Chicken Stock is concentrated soup which made from specially selected chicken bone, carcass and water. Cook Pit Co., Ltd., a partner company of Chiyodagumi Asia-Pacific Co., Ltd. is a leading company in this industry in Japan, and supplying soup to more than 1,000 shops, including the ramen shop which is selected as Bib Gourmand.

PAITAN (白湯) came from Japanese words which mean “white soup” as its name implies. Our PAITAN is a thick and creamy chicken stock made from chicken bone that has high collagen and rich flavor. It has a nice amora from a process of long-simmering bones. PAITAN is especially good as based for ramen soup and can be applied to make many dishes .

What is special about our PAITAN chicken stock?

 Well – Chosen Ingredients

 Japanese recipe

 Short sterilization time

 Low storage cost

 Halal Certification